How to buy a mobile phone card in Taiwan?

The top three telecom operators in Taiwan, according to January 2022 National Communication Commission statistics of the market share in mobile network, were ranked No.1 Chunghwa Telecom 36.1%, while FarEasTone and Taiwan Mobile were both 23.9% tied for second place. Chunghwa Telecom was owned by government before the company share have been listed in year 2000, diminishing shareholding until 35% left currently. According to Opensignal December 2021 analysis, with a score of 9.9 on a ten-point scale Chunghwa wins the 4G coverage experience of users, as FarEasTone and Taiwan Mobile scored 9.6 in second place.

4G Coverage of Chunghwa Telecom

In terms of 4G download speed, Chunghwa Telecom is the highest 58.6 Mbps, as FarEasTone 53.1 Mbps and Taiwan Mobile 37.4 Mbps in a sequence. FarEasTone wins the 4G upload speed to 12.7 Mbps, while Chunghwa coming after 11.9 Mbps and Taiwan Mobile 10.4 Mbps. Having high average upload speeds helps users to share large photos or videos on social media, connected to virtual private networks (VPNs), or send attachments via email.

Five Telecom Operators in Taiwan

Although 5G is not yet popular in Taiwan, the benchmarking of 5G experience by Opensignal is excellent. 5G transmission rate is 10 times of 4G. If your mobile phone support 5G, Chunghwa is better of download and upload speed, while FarEasTone is great at 5G availability and 5G reach, which represents the proportion of time where users had an active 5G connection, and the locations that matter most to everyday users.

Click the following icons to visit the website of the operators who sell prepaid cards, or search on Google map to purchase at the store counters. To top up the prepaid card, going to the counters or convenient stores are available. If there is a prepaid card on hand, using APP to recharge online will be easy. For example, scan the QR code by your phone camera to add the APP for top-up online.


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